Agadir Horse & Camel riding


40 €


Taghazout formerly knows as a fishing village is nowadays all about surf. It holds one of the most famous surf spots in Morocco: Anchor Point. A long and strong point break.

Surfing program :

-  Morning   : 10:00 am / 1:00 am.
-  Afternoon: 3:00 am  / 6:00 pm.

- 1 day surf trip with lunch and surf guide and equipment too

Shuttle transfers to and from your hotel  (free)
At Taghazout you can discover and surf numerous surfspots as Killers, Hash Points, Panorama’s.
Taghazout offers all kinds of waves, from gentle beginner waves to heavy reef breaks for more advanced surfers. The waves around Taghazout have natural wind protection from a cape, which can switch northeast trade winds to offshore breezes.
Check out the location, surf forecast and detailed practical information below.



  - Discover the traditional means of transport, the dromedary
   - Various landscapes: dunes and forests
  - The typical Moroccan Snack: mint tea, pastries
  - Observation of flamingos on the Oued Souss
  - Walk the picturesque country town.



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Package 1:Go Discover
Agadir City tour
Camel Rider
Paradise Valley
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Package 2 : Go Active
Buggy Safari
Small Sahara 4x4
Boat Trip
Horse Riding
More Details
Package 3: Go Relaxe
Paradise Valley
Camel Riding
Quad bike
Hamam & Massage
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Package 4 : Go Out
Small Sahara 4x4
Berber Evening
Hamam & Massage
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