Agadir Horse & Camel riding


30 €

 2:30 hours of visite

A huge crocodile head marks the main entrance of the park.An innovative concept and a unique project in Agadir, in the south of Morocco. The farm within the Atlantic area contains more than 300 of Nil crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus) and recently the park has added 4 types of the giants anacondas to give the feeling of visiting the amazon jungle surrounded by the crocodiles and the anacondas. The architecture and the design of the park give the feeling to be in a forest, offering you the sight of a lot of unique trees and plants varieties.

Parck program:

-  Morning   : 10:00 am / 1:00 am.
-  Afternoon: 3:00 am  / 6:00 pm.

- This price include entrance ticket.

- Shuttle transfers to and from your hotel  (free)



  - Take photo of the massive crocodile head marker at the entry
   - Discover over than 300 nile crocodile.
  - Experience the feeling of seeing the giant Anacondas
  - Enjoy the atmosphere of beeing in a jungle inside the garden
  - Enjoy a cup of tea or cofe inside the park.



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Package 1:Go Discover
Agadir City tour
Camel Rider
Paradise Valley
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Package 2 : Go Active
Buggy Safari
Small Sahara 4x4
Boat Trip
Horse Riding
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Package 3: Go Relaxe
Paradise Valley
Camel Riding
Quad bike
Hamam & Massage
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Package 4 : Go Out
Small Sahara 4x4
Berber Evening
Hamam & Massage
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